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AstorLive was launched March 30, 1999, as an e-commerce based company that specializes in the buying, selling & trading of the world’s most high-end & collectible investment grade timepieces. Over the past decade, AstorLive has continued to set the bar for the high-end watch market’s most coveted timepieces focusing primarily on the collectible & investment grade timepieces from the legendary Geneva based watchmaker, Patek Philippe.

AstorLive is led by, Trent Crowley, a master horologist with over 30 years of experience in the field of high-end collectible timepieces. Mr. Crowley has forged relationships with some of the world’s most passionate collectors & continues to set the pace daily for the high-end collectible market with his consistent emersion in the world’s current watch market & economic condition. Mr. Crowley & his team of experts continue to lead the way for high-end investment grade timepieces & will continue striving to procure only the very best buying experience for the world’s most dedicated collectors.